Vintage Report 2016


After what seemed like one of the coldest and wettest winters in years, September was one of the driest on record.  Temperatures during late August and September were on average, but in October temperatures rose to well above average with days of 34 degrees and very windy conditions.

Bud burst was around 14 days later than last season, with the first signs of life appearing in the grafted Nebbiolo and Chardonnay Mendoza vines on the 15th September.

The summer was pretty tough on the vineyard. While there was relatively good rainfall during spring and again in late January, there was no rainfall at all over the vineyard for the month of February and into March.  Average daily temperatures were quite warm, especially in the first weeks of March when a very strong heat wave occurred.  The conditions resulted in us using 77 Meg of water for irrigation this season.

Vintage was incredibly compressed this year with our first fruit harvested on the 2nd of February and our last on the 7th March.  Fruit quality was excellent across the entire vineyard with little disease pressure.  Yields across the vineyard range from 5-6tonne/ha in Pinot Noir to 8tonne/ha in Chardonnay and Shiraz.

Comments from all winemakers have been really positive.

Everyone involved all put in a massive effort to get the fruit off in the best possible condition. By the end of harvest everyone was pretty worn out, but at the same time really happy to be a part of such a good vintage.