Vintage Report 2015


Budburst was very early following good rainfall during winter and warmer conditions during August. We had excellent vine health into the growing season and flowering came and went without any problems. After the fruit had set we realised there was a quite a bit of work to do thinning fruit as there were a large amount of bunches and they were above average in size.

Early summer saw regular rain fall during verasion (the period where the grapes start to change colour and ripen). The rain increased the threat of botrytis spreading, but the vineyard team managed to get that under control. The balance of the season saw very little rain fall and quite mild temperatures. Not a day over 40 degrees was recorded. Irrigation was still required as conditions dried out. Over the ripening period could not have been better. Nice warm days and cool nights without any rainfall, meant the grapes ripened very well and flavours development was fantastic.

Vintage started on the 5th February and concluded on the 23 March.  During this short period we handpicked 168 tonnes, and machine harvested 138 tonnes.